why am i doing this

this final is gonna kill me too

yay quick easter picture!

To those who celebrate unlike me Happy Easter!

Seika— cyggygremlin

Ginga is mine

Melody— littlestarpu

quick ref doodles for nero and ollie whoops

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Happy Birthday Tori >v<

Happy birthday xtori34!! uvu

I like half forgot how to draw, so I’m sorry ;n; but I hope you like these little buggers anyways uvu

Rosalind was probably playing with her hair or something, I don’t even know

This is my Naruto OC from 2006, Renkon


(warning old art weh)

It’s like, I suddenly felt the need to draw her. Man, I miss those days;; I used to be so involved with the Naruto OC fandom;;

just a doodle i did this morning;;

i figured i should draw skop without her side bangs. since like, she doesn’t have them for most of the time as a kid;;

i lied not random girl :00

cyggygremlin's baby Juni

i’ve been thinking of her a lot lately


Oh my goodness, thanks you guys!